And how the internet is transforming the church.

Megachurch pastor Steven Furtick has a lot of followers on Instagram, according to his churches’ annual report. is chockfull of numbers boasting their “digital reach.” And they’re not alone — in the various annual reports that I could find (many megachurches don’t make them readily available to the public), all kinds of “digital reach” numbers were highlighted. This represents a fundamental shift in the way we view discipleship, evangelism, and the mission of the church.

As our days have been reshaped to revolve around our screens, both at work and at home, you’d expect…

We are strangers to our homes. What happens when we’re forced to spend some time together?

My generation can’t sit still. Most of our lives are typified by moving, traveling, starting new jobs, and taking up new passions and causes. We spend most of our days at work, school, and the marketplace (and commuting between them). And as industrialization has led us to find work and education outside of the home, globalism and modern technology has enabled us to go to more lengths than ever before to do so. We can pick up everything and move across the country, or the globe, to pursue our dreams. We have the world at our fingertips. We can be…

The commodification of church is selling people short.

Last year Seattle-based megachurch “Churchome” announced their newest location: your smartphone. It’s an app called Churchome Global, and it’s their latest attempt at making church more palatable — and consumable — than ever. “Our new location is everywhere, it’s global” pastor Judah Smith says (though it’s currently only available in English).

And they’re not the first megachurch to launch something like this. Many megachurches — from Life.Church to Hillsong — have “online campuses” with “online pastors.” But the messaging Churchome used to roll out their app was particularly bold: church “in the palm of your hand,”

Cole Ryan

Writing about our responsibility to one another.

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